Ultimate Traceabilty

Why Do Businesses Need Traceability?

In 2009, a salmonella outbreak tied to peanuts prompted a widespread recall that cost the peanut industry approximately $1 billion. Over 200 companies recalled more than 2000 products, ranging from cakes, ice cream, candy bars and peanut butter to crackers and pet food.

Traceability can help businesses track tainted items during a recall, but it can also prevent such a situation from ever developing by enabling rigorous quality control. Regardless of product or sector, no company can afford to lose track of their inventory or the associated information. With Synchronous ERP, you will be able to identify the origin of every item in your supply chain and track every detail related to your products, including the relevant personnel, equipment, locations, dates, suppliers, and customers.

Providing You With Unsurpassed Traceability

Synchronous has the ability to identify and track every critical component throughout the entire supply chain and manufacturing process. Detailed information about any barcoded product can be rapidly entered into the system and combined with previously stored data. Our traceability tools automate business processes to prevent human errors and ensure that critical information is stored in an organized, accessible fashion. With our comprehensive and seamlessly integrated software modules, there is no need for cumbersome paperwork or clumsy workarounds.

Synchronous ERP has helped businesses in sectors ranging from food distribution to aerospace effectively trace every component and product handled by their staff and partners. Whether your business is simple or complex, we can help you collect, analyze and interpret the data you need to stay on top of operations.

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