Business Process Manager

Project Accounting and Costing

Unlike what is offered by many of our competitors, in Synchronous, time and billing, job costing, activity based accounting and a sophisticated Collaborative Engine are fully integrated with the entire ERP system.

Full Project Accounting and Costing

  • Comprehensive labour reporting and overtime tracking.
  • Complete online audit trail of the entire project management process.
  • Capture the hidden costs of estimating and quote generation.
  • Integrates with the G/L and other reporting.
  • Total control of revenue recognition and WIP.
  • Recognize revenue and expense by department, resource and activity category.
  • Unlimited user defined accounting rules.

Choose Your Accounting Methodology:
Synchronous allows you to choose your accounting protocol on a project by project basis

  • WIP Accounting
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Productive (i.e. Shop Orders)

Full integration with Accounting and Distribution

  • Integration with AR, GL, AP, IM, PO and BOMP.
  • Generate Purchase Orders, Customer Orders, and Production Orders within any project.
  • Easily view customer files and credit information as well as A/R open items.

Formal & Informal Project Models

  • Formal projects adhere to rigorous specifications where all activities must be accounted for. No deletions are allowed and the system logs all changes. This model is applicable to environments where an exacting process must be adhered to. Laboratory testing, financial auditors or ISO 9002 certified organizations might adopt this model.
  • Clearly define standards and procedures.
  • Informal project types are free-form in nature and do not require adherence to specifications. Moreover, projects can be assembled from templates or created using standard or user defined activities.
  • Create projects on the fly as you go.
  • You may use both formal and informal methodologies as required, interchangeabl.

Flexible Quoting and Estimating

  • Automatic calculation of planned costs.
  • Track planned and actual costs and hours.
  • Establish default resources by activity.