Project Management

Project Accounting and More

Synchronous merges activities, workgroup transactions and project specifications with accounting and distribution transactions. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Customer Orders, Purchase Order, Inventory, and Bill of Materials transactions are generated from within projects in any currency.

Furthermore, projects are seamlessly integrated with all aspects of your organization such as costing, billing, communications, documents, resources and schedules.

Project Accounting……

  • Time and Billing
  • Job Costing
  • Integrated with MRP
  • Foreign Currency
  • Collaborative Engine
  • Activity-Based Costing
Project Management

Extraordinary Degree of Visibility

Drill down within the processing cycle where all screens are fully interactive. Project managers can view the status of all quotes and projects globally, sort by customer, then drill down to the appropriate detail level to analyze project margins, modify estimates, re-assign resources or enter transactions.

This extraordinary degree of visibility and access provides unprecedented control to management and users alike.

Real Time Information

Generate and organize a diversity of business transactions online for today’s project. Activities, communications and business processes are organized by project, activity, resource and area of responsibility.

Products, project management activities and transactions are organized consistently throughout Synchronous and updated online. There is no posting, so the system always reflects the current state of projects from the initial estimate right through to the final billing of the last change order.

Manage the Costs of Complex Projects

Project details are always visible in real time, reducing the complexity of managing projects of any size. Never wait until month end to find out about efficiencies, budgets, work in progress costs or revenue generated.

Projects tracked in the Business Process Manager always display the current and complete status of all activities, alerting you to opportunities or problems while you can still do something about it.