Agile Software Development

Updates are always compatible with the current software

Transforming business practices requires innovative software development. The risks associated with modifying code can cause aversion to change, quickly leading to outdated programs.

With over thirty years of software development, our expert programming team can meet the needs of clients in a diverse array of organizations. Over 37,000 “lego-style” modular objects make up our extensive library of programs. These programs can be rapidly modified compared with traditional development code. With Synchronous ERP, your existing software always remains compatible with the latest updates.

No More Workarounds

Integration with external software tools is often problematic for mainstream ERP systems.

At Synchronous the goal is a single repository for data that is scalable and robust.

There is no need to import and export data from multiple software applications. Consequently, compatibility issues and incorrect assumptions are avoided.

It is our belief that our comprehensive and fully-integrated ERP package transcends the limitations imposed by other ERP providers, many of whom are often made up of a patchwork of multiple incomplete architectures.

Agile Software Development