Unprecedented Visibility

Stay continuously informed on what’s happening across your organization

Unprecedented visibility is achieved at multiple levels. Access to data is seamless; a cornerstone for development through the decades. Quickly become a power user as all screens are intuitive and consistent. Learn to expect unprecedented visibility with:

  • Extensive drill downs at the detail level, on multiple levels without losing your place.
  • Graphical charts that give you real time visibility for planning and analysis.
  • Numerous reports which are available throughout the entire system. Reports are comprehensive, easy to read, and invaluable for analysis.
  • Custom created reports in the financial report writer that are flexible, comprehensive and intuitive.
  • Documents that may be shared in house and reviewed within any screen in the collaborative engine.
  • Technical assistance available by phone or online, with further support through screen shots, Q&A, and interactive videos.
  • External communications (including details and screens) that can be easily sent to authorized personnel.
  • The assurance that sensitive data is accessed by the right people with extraordinary security throughout the system.