Purchase Order Management

Synchronous gives you control over your company’s current and future materials and purchases while decreasing the time you waste dealing with tedious paperwork.

It enables you to analyze the quality, accuracy and promptness of the delivery of all purchased materials. Online integration means that both your distribution and manufacturing modules will reflect that status of purchases as well as the most current inventory status. Critical information is always available online through extensive drill downs from all application windows.

This modules significantly improves customer service by reducing the time lost due to missing documents or poorly updated quantities on hand.

One Solution Integrates Purchasing with AP, COP, Foreign Currency and Inventory

  • Access to the Item Master File during purchase order entry.
  • During PO printing the quantity on order in the Item Master File is updated.
  • As items are received, the quantity on order, quantity on hand, plus the average and last cost fields are updated including landed costs.
  • Accounts payable transactions are easily created as the receiving accruals generated during receiving processing are automatically matched to the vendor invoices.
  • Matching invoices to receiving costs approved by purchasing provides exact inventory cost controls.
  • The Open Order Report in Customer Order Processing displays the quantity of the item being purchased to fill the orders, while the Customer Back Order Report displays scheduled receipts from Purchase Orders.
  • As quantities are received in inventory, they are immediately available to fill customer orders to maximize customer satisfaction levels.
  • Purchase Orders are available to handle different types of purchasing requirements such as normal, drop shipments, blanket and release orders.
  • Online receiving generates all accounting distributions and updates inventory simultaneously.
  • A clear and visible relationship is maintained between receiving and vendor invoices by identifying each receiving with a “delivery order” number.
  • Accounts payable invoices are matched to Purchase Orders with unlimited items automatically.
  • Reduce the workload during Accounts Payable entry as only the exceptional items that vary from received quantity or purchase order cost require user intervention.
  • During receiving, the system generates landing factor accruals always landing inventory in the home currency.
  • Landing costs like freight, brokerage and duty are applied automatically.
Purchase Orders