Customer Order Processing

Excel at Customer Service with Synchronous

Customer Order Processing let’s you generate orders manually or integrate customer’s purchase orders electronically with integrated Heuristic EDI.

All documents including picking tickets, bills of lading, order acknowledgements, warehouse instructions and customer invoices are managed in a central and easy to navigate location. Having updated and accessible information provides you with the foundations necessary to excel with your customers.

Quote type orders may also be generated, which can then be converted into customer orders at a later date. Additional features include detailed tracking of promotions and distribution costs, as well as comprehensive sales reporting and commission logic.

Comprehensive COP

Benefits of a Comprehensive COP

  • Advanced communications with integrated EDI
  • Enhance competitive negotiations with flexible pricing
  • Rely on accurate distribution costs
  • Increase productivity with high speed order entry
  • Manage sales with extensive commission tables
  • Deliver proactive customer service
  • Make informed decisions with real time credit and receivables management
  • Constantly be informed with detailed sales reporting

Advanced Communications with Integrated EDI

  • Generate customer orders electronically with integrated Heuristic EDI. Update customer communications with automated faxes and acknowledged orders.

Enhance Competitive Negotiations with Flexible Pricing

  • Price break tables allow you to utilize simple to complex pricing structures.
  • Price structures may be based on markup/markdown percentages or specified price based on quantity.
  • Have the flexibility to Identify groups of items that, when sold together, automatically qualify for pricing breaks or discounts during order entry.

Rely on Accurate Distribution Costs

  • Monitor an unlimited number of distribution costs so analysis reflects the true costs of distribution including freight, co-op, rebates, or marketing costs. These costs automatically update sales history and cost of goods sold.
  • Integrate distribution expenses throughout multiple warehouse locations to verify consistent accuracy of inventory.
  • When orders are entered, quantities in inventory are immediately allocated in real time. The available quantities of an item are displayed directly from the order entry window and back orders or out of stock items can be displayed through the Open Order Report via the inventory files.

Increase Productivity with High Speed Order Entry

  • Customer Order templates expedite the order entry process, allowing large volumes of orders to be entered exceedingly quick.
  • By relying on pricing rules, you can enter quantity for requested items without having to constantly confirm the price or discounts for every item entered.

Manage Sales with Extensive Commission Tables

  • Let Synchronous calculate your commissions for you. Specify percentages by customer, salesman, ship to info, product category and/or item

Proactive Customer Service

  • Once orders are entered, users may continue to access those orders to make modifications or to answer customer questions.
  • Once orders are billed and posted, Accounts Receivable files are updated with the customers’ indebtedness and the subsequent invoice amounts are added to each customer account.
  • After the Order is filled, the items on the order will be automatically selected for billing.
  • Unlimited lines of comments may be added and printed on each invoice.

Stay Informed with Receivables Management, Updated in Real Time.

  • Make decisions with relevant information at your finger tips. Statistics regarding credit history, order history, invoiced orders, and average days to pay is updated and calculated automatically.
  • This allows users to effectively monitor which customers should be place on credit hold or given credit limits.

Always Know What the Numbers Mean

  • Reporting for sales transactions can be performed by customer, item, product category, ship-to, salesmen or in any combination and for any date range.
  • These same reports will give you even more flexibility with filters for additional categories.
  • During posting, inventory quantities are reduced and sales / cost of sales distributions are written directly to the GL.