About Us


The Difference

At Synchronous ERP, we pride ourselves on offering a robust and reliable system that can only be created with experience. It takes years of development and testing to build stable, dependable software. Our product is the result of more than thirty years of development.

One Solution

One Solution

Synchronous software is a comprehensive ERP cloud solution for accounting, distribution, EDI, CRM, manufacturing, and more. No additional third party software products are required, and there are no modules or extensions that must be purchased separately. Modern yet mature, Synchronous ERP gives you everything you need to run your day-to-day operations and grow your business.

One Team

One Team

Teamwork is essential to successful implementations. In our experience dialogue is so vital to your success that we encourage it with monthly support and services credits based upon your user count. Developing a strong relationship allows your team to draw on the knowledge and experience that only Synchronous ERP can provide as the product developers. There are no resellers or secondary organizations that will up-sell you products and services.

One Price

One Price

Synchronous ERP is sold as a monthly per user subscription. One price gives you access to the entire system. If you choose to run your system on our cloud platform, nothing more than a computer and an internet connection is required. As a managed cloud solution you can adapt to change with scalable software that you won’t outgrow.

Building Win-Win Relationships

It’s people that make successful relationships. At Synchronous ERP we value win-win relationships built on honesty, integrity, commitment and trust. Together we can build a partnership that enables everyone to grow and reach their full potential.


It is this partnership that strengthens our software. Synchronous ERP was designed in collaboration with our many customers, including distributors and manufacturers. A software built from real life application.


With each partnership the system has evolved by incorporating all development efforts into our generic code. This methodology allows all customers to benefit from development efforts.


A single, complete solution has been the goal from the start. Today the software is so robust and flexible that we can tailor it to address our clients unique needs.

Experience Counts

The Synchronous senior leadership team provides guidance to the business as a whole, always driving towards strategic goals with its employees and customers constantly in mind.

Success Begins with Synchronous ERP

Build For the Future with Scalable Software

Adapt to change on your own terms with flexible ERP software. Begin with a simple implementation or transform your entire operations to take full advantage of our system. Pricing is based on a per user basis with access to the entire product.

Save Time and Money with a Managed ERP in the Cloud

Clients are encouraged to take advantage of Synchronous OWN Cloud. Your ERP system and its underlying computing infrastructure is managed by our team, eliminating the costs and frustration associated with managing your own server.

Protect Your Data With Fanatical Security

Your data remains secure at all times, whether in use, in transit or at rest. Protect critical business information in the cloud with encryption, rigorous back-ups and replication.

Streamline Complexity in Distribution and Manufacturing

Synchronous ERP helps distributors and manufacturers respond to their customer’s changing needs by automating and optimizing their business processes and managing a tight supply chain with integrated EDI communications.

Empower Your People with Better Communication Tools

Our software tools encourage better communications and collaborative activities between customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

Manage Your Enterprise Performance with Powerful Reporting Tools

Built-in ERP intelligence lets you visualize your business performance in order to improve decision making. Tools include integrated Microsoft Power BI, and Excel as well as a robust customizable report writer. Utilize up-to-date information straight from your Synchronous ERP to make prompt, informed business decisions.


A History of Innovation, Since 1984

The history of Synchronous in the computer industry is long and varied, as we have been in business since 1984. From the early days of the PC and Local Area Networks, the firm adopted the view that business applications move from the Mainframe and Mini-computer to the PC.

To this aim, the company has accomplished many firsts in Canada. From implementing some of the first networks in Canada to reselling and implementing many of the leading accounting, distribution and manufacturing software applications available; it is clear that the firm has been a leader in this country.

Shift From Reseller to Developing Synchronous

Starting in 1986, the firm’s focus began to shift from reseller of other company’s software to the development of its own applications. The company established a distinctive competency developing vertical applications that integrated with products from Platinum, Great Plains Software and Macola.

Software Advancement Rooted in Rapid Applications Development

Over the years an extensive library of applications began to emerge. In 1992 the company took the decision to control its own destiny. It meant that our suite of business applications must stand on their own, independent of other vendors’ products. The company has focused all its efforts on achieving this task.

Software Advancement Rooted in Rapid Applications Development

Since 1996, the firm’s revenues have come exclusively from the sales of our own products and development partnerships with our clients. Many thousands of hours of effort have culminated in a world class product.