The Company

Experience Counts.

It takes years of development and testing to ensure reliability. This product is the result of more than thirty years of development and we are proud of Synchronous ERP because it is both mature, yet innovative and agile.

The Early Days in Local Area Networks

The history of Synchronous in the computer industry is long and varied, as we have been in business since 1984.

From the early days of the PC and Local Area Networks, the firm adopted the view that business applications move from the Mainframe and Mini-computer to the PC.

To this aim, the company has accomplished many firsts in Canada. From implementing some of the first networks in Canada to reselling and implementing many of the leading accounting, distribution and manufacturing software applications available; it is clear that the firm has been a leader in this country.

Shift From Reseller to Developing Synchronous

Starting in 1986, the firm’s focus began to shift from reseller of other company’s software to the development of its own applications. The company established a distinctive competency developing vertical applications that integrated with products from Platinum, Great Plains Software and Macola.

Software Advancement Rooted in Rapid Applications Development

Over the years an extensive library of applications began to emerge. In 1992 the company took the decision to control its own destiny. It meant that our suite of business applications must stand on their own, independent of other vendors’ products. The company has focused all its efforts on achieving this task.

We Listen to Our Clients

Since 1996, the firm’s revenues have come exclusively from the sales of our own products and development partnerships with our clients. Many thousands of hours of effort have culminated in a world class product.

Currently, the company has staff and resources in Victoria, Toronto, and Montreal.