Professional Services

For Experience and Leadership

With Synchronous there are no resellers or middle men; you are working directly with the developers of the software. Our goal is that every implementation succeeds.

The following support is included in the subscription model:

  • $350 of bundled professional services per concurrent user per annum is included. This ensures that resources are available for training and implementation support so that clients obtain the greatest level of value from their ERP software.
  • Ten hours of Enterprise integration services are provided annually to help with integration of on-site equipment and software applications.

Professional Staff

Our staff is made up of teams of accountants, manufacturing specialists and project managers. These experienced professionals will take the leadership role while you undergo a migration to Synchronous ERP software.

Value-Added Services

Synchronous software is a complex ERP system suitable for small to mid-size organizations. With over thirty years of development, the product evolved into a rich and modern suite of programs. We value every request for customization and most changes are incorporated into the core product and passed on to the Synchronous community.

A Managed Cloud Solution

Clients are encouraged to take advantage of Synchronous OWN Cloud. At Synchronous we can manage both your ERP system and its underlying computing infrastructure, reducing your IT costs.

Remote Support

User shadowing for training and support is fully integrated into Synchronous. This means that professional help is always available for troubleshooting and training. Our team of experienced ERP personnel including accountants, software specialists, programmers and IT staff will help you make effective use of Synchronous.