Simple Pricing with No Surprises

With Synchronous, you receive a single and complete product you’ll never outgrow. We promise no surprises, an easy to understand subscription model, and an inclusive system that you can trust: Synchronous is a partner you can rely on.

All Inclusive & Predictable Subscription Pricing Model

  • The monthly subscription price is inclusive of all required infrastructure and application software, as well as all licensing payable fees to Microsoft, database and software partners.
  • Ten hours of enterprise integration services are provided annually to help with integration of on-site equipment and software applications.
  • Subscriptions include 350 dollars professional support services per concurrent user per annum. This ensures that resources are available for training and implementation support so clients obtain the greatest level of value from their ERP software.
  • Synchronous is an ecosystem that includes access to all system modules as well as our EDI AS2 Gateway.
straight forward and simple pricing

With our straight forward and simple pricing, you also benefit from:

  • Built-in telemetry which continuously updates our monitoring systems to ensure proactive problem resolution.
  • Included geo-redundant fail-safe replication to our data centers (every 30 seconds) and hourly backups that can quickly be recovered to day zero.
  • Extraordinary performance available over high-latency low bandwidth internet connections.
  • No longer needing expensive in-house infrastructure such as server farms, high speed switches and other costly technologies.
  • Software is maintained with regular updates, ensuring you’re constantly supported by the most up-to-date product.