Synchronous Inventory

Synchronous Inventory is a powerful inventory tracking system that lets your organization effectively manage inventory throughout the entire enterprise.

Drill down to visual displays for inventory items that provide state of the art features to enhance inventory management.

The inventory module is a flexible system that can be customized to reflect the way your business operates

Inventory Management
Monitor Inventory in Real Time

Incredible Visibility for Inventory in Multiple Locations

  • View and maintain hierarchical product structures and items directly from the item master.
  • Stock status lets you view details such as quantity available to promise, Shop Orders, production transactions, Customer Orders, receipts and issues as well as Purchase Orders and other inventory transactions

Monitor Inventory in Real Time With Financial Reconciliation

  • All inventory transactions are recorded online as transactions are entered.
  • View all transactions processed by any user from any date range with the Transaction Audit Report.
  • No posting of inventory transactions is required.
  • Distributions are always generated with online processing.
  • Inventory Management Distribution to GL report provides distribution details for any date range.
  • Seamless integration with sales, purchasing and manufacturing systems for up-to-the minute profiles of inventory.

Lot Controls

  • Trace any component in the inventory to the exact location with comprehensive lot serial tracing.
  • Locate production numbers by lot or pallet at any site.
  • Make sure the correct customer gets the right pallet with preserve lot tracing.

Track Production

Movements of pallets to various areas are time stamped to track the length of time a pallet or container of items has resided in a location.

Landed Costs

Landed costs including duty, freight, brokerage and user-defined costs are maintained for all inventory items.

Inventory Location

Track items at more that one location including the quantity of the item on hand, the quantity allocated and the quantity on order for each location.

Tailor Your Inventory System to Reflect Your Manufacturing Requirements

  • Establish inventory selling, replenishment and manufacturing policies for each item.
  • Drill down into a table of primary machines utilized when an item is produced.
  • Machine loading and work center capacity is based on a finite capacity model.
  • Real time capacity planning lets you respond to changes in the production plan in real-time and prevents the planner from overloading a primary machine.
  • Bar coded production control is just one of the many steps to keep control of your inventory.

Valuable Information Available with Inquiries

  • Receiving Audit File Inquiry handles a variety of queries to provide data regarding the receiving of an item.
  • Stock Status inquiries can be made for any time and location to determine quantity on hand, allocated inventory, back orders, on order and re-order level.

Display Most Graphic and Engineering Drawing Formats for Inventory Items

Unlimited notes and documents can be viewed or printed for each item.