What Are Your Expections of ERP?

Our expectation of well-designed enterprise software is a complete and integrated solution, in other words, ‘One Solution’.

So what gets in the way? Many developers begin with a vertical and grow through acquisitions. Others hope to piece together a complete solution with an open-ended design. Yet you cannot achieve a cohesive and seamless solution with different and disparate developers. On first glance, many products appear to be a complete enterprise solution but impossible to achieve without one vision.

From the beginning, Synchronous ERP was designed as one solution. One solution is designed with one single database. A database which is robust and scalable. This one integrated enterprise solution will reduce any of the limitations of an incomplete architecture.

The goal is one solution for insight into decision-making for the entire organization.

One Solution

A robust platform for all business processes and operations including financials, manufacturing, project managment, supply chain, CRM and reporting. One solution streamlines all business processes. Yet flexible enough to add functionality as your company matures.

Financial Control

A central data base provides better administration and security. Expect real-time updates at the time a transaction occurs. When data is entered once at the origin of transaction, multiple entries of the same data are eliminated and erroneous data is minimized.

Ultimate Visibility

Never overlook the importance of pertinent financial reporting with transaction tracking and complete audit trails. Data integrity ensures visibility and accountability. The data is consistent for research and reporting throughout the entire ERP system.

Consistent ‘Look and Feel’

Expect the “look and feel” of the system to be consistent. Learn one set of business practices instead of two or more, depending on the number of software systems in place.

Easy Upgrades When It Suits You

One solution makes upgrades a non-event. No need to import data with compatibility issues, or erroneous assumptions. Multiple software systems conflict when one system is updated and no longer works with other systems. These differences are eliminated with single ERP system.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

A well designed ERP should boost the efficiency of routine transactions such as order fulfillment, on-time shipment, vendor performance, quality management, or invoice reconciliation. For example customer orders are intentionally designed for fast data entry.

One Vendor

One software solution prevents the “not my problem” syndrome that occurs when vendors pass their software issues off to other software systems.

International Competitiveness

Global organizations need new strategies to compete in international markets such as: multi-currency, multi-language multiple legal entities, cloud technology and shipping container management.

The well designed ERP offers companies many advantages such as reduced costs, increased visibility, improved efficiency and security. Look for these features in Synchronous/One Solution.

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