Training Builds the Team

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Few large organizations could survive even a single day without their ERP software. These fully integrated systems streamline and automate business processes, leading to more accurate and efficient operations. If ERP software is everything it’s cracked up to be, then why do so many implementations fail? Why are so many companies eager to change ERP systems, when their current systems might be a perfect fit? For ERP systems to be successful they must have continued and ongoing support, training and coaching from the ERP Vendor.

Think about a professional athlete, do you ever ask yourself why these athletes need continued training and coaching throughout their career? Do you catch yourself speculating that these athletes must know more about the sport than the coach? The answer is no, coaching is the key to an effective performance. Regardless of how much experience an individual might have, training is what builds a team, strengthens skills, develops strategy and provides the knowledge to outperform your competition. The same applies to your ERP system. An organization with considerable experience using ERP systems may acquire the attitude that they cannot possibly learn any more from the ERP Vendor. In reality these complex systems cannot be used optimally without support and coaching.

A common mistake is for a company to budget for training during the implementation stage but then abandon training after the system goes live. Ongoing support and training should be seen as a valuable investment in those employees that use the ERP system. Business processes change as organizations grow, forcing companies to rethink how to use their ERP systems. Effective support can help to make the ERP system work for you to accommodate this change, whereas untrained users may attempt to work around or outside the system to achieve a short-term goal. Without proper support and training from your ERP Vendor, employees will get bogged down with inefficient and disjointed processes such as managing information in external spreadsheets. This defeats the function and primary purpose of an ERP system. It is crucial for employees to learn the helpful features of the software that will ultimately make their job easier. These tips and tricks provide efficient and effective methods for problem solving that will give your organization a competitive edge. Professional athletes continue training throughout their careers in order to refine their skills, Similarly, even your most experienced staff members will benefit from ongoing coaching in order to reap the benefits of the ERP system and increase productivity within your organization.

At Synchronous ERP, we by including free consulting time in the price of our software. Our clients have recognized the benefit that this provides and use this time to constantly improve the way that their team uses our ERP system.

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