The Customization Dilemma – Is Your ERP Extinct?

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Are your ERP requirements unique and require some form of customization? You are not alone; only 23 percent of organizations require little or no customization. The dilemma for companies is whether to customize or not.

Some companies shy away from any customization because of fears of isolation and costs. Other companies with massive customization feel frustrated when their ERP software quickly becomes obsolete or extinct, much like T-Rex.

At Synchronous, the solution is to write custom requests as well designed modifications with generic value. Therefore, our customers migrate to the latest, greatest software upgrades. Upgrades are continually being done on an on-going, even daily basis. Clients upgrade frequently with little or no consequence.

Software companies are in the business of developing software to reflect best business practices, new technologies and latest trends. Popular trends, today in ERP include the cloud and collaboration. Your software should be current with such trends in order to be competitive and profitable.

The biggest risk with custom code is companies that become orphaned. Two things can happen, one it’s too expensive and labor intensive to implement new software. Two, companies must rewrite the code to support the newer versions in the software. Unfortunately, the worst decision is to do nothing and defer upgrades indefinitely.

Pandora, a research company in ERP software argues that the utopian solution is zero-customization. Pandora research however suggest that most organizations customize their ERP systems, especially, mid-size to large organizations.

The reason companies opt for custom code is to mitigate organizational change management risks and give corporations a competitive advantage. Pandora consulting argues that there are no black or white answers so the dilemma is to customize or not.

At Synchronous our approach to customization is different, we stepped outside the box to create a win-win scenario for our clients. Where ever possible, custom software development is incorporated into the generic code. Furthermore, most requests are based on the practical considerations for clients with real needs. This strategy benefits all our clients. Thirty years of custom as well as generic applications has lead to a substantial set of libraries for the benefit of all.

Development modifications in Synchronous ERP that will create win/win situations. The options include:

  • Development modifications made to source code if the request has generic merit. Thus, the software is always current.
  • Modifications shown in the menu with a specific focus unique to the customer. These modifications may be easily upgraded as required.

The advantages of co-authoring within the community benefits everyone. It creates a sense of community where all clients contribute to the whole.

This win/win solution means that customization is never fated to become extinct like T-Rex.

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