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Proactive companies will enlist the help of innovative software developers like us. By definition, innovation is the ‘process of translating an idea into a goods and services that create value’. For Synchronous ERP, innovation comes with agility and rapid application development. Consistently, Synchronous ERP strengthens the core product every day and this latest version of Synchronous ERP is called Sequoia. More importantly, it’s currently operational. While the changes may not be obvious to the customer, Sequoia offers significant advantageous for the future.

Advantageous of Sequoia

  • Continued transaction tracking support
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Written in .NET and C#
  • Sequoia is faster and quickly accesses large reports. 
  • Supports SQL 
  • New graphical tools are better and up to date.
  • Collaborative communications and CRM are browser based.
  • Integrated development capabilities for RAD by the end of the year. If desired, our clients will have the ability to make their own programming changes in the cloud. While many clients will continue to rely on our expertise, we recognize that many organizations wish to take an active role in their own future development.  

Geo-redundant Data Centres Offer Continuous 24/7 Replication and Back Ups

Sequoia is clearly a strategic move. Already, Synchronous ERP demonstrates good leadership with a managed solution in the cloud. Synchronous ERP takes extraordinary security measures and is running in geo-redundant data centres with continuous 24/7 replication and backups. Security measures that keep your data safe in a managed cloud service reduce downtime.

Synchronous ERP Carefully Tests All Upgrades

After years of developmental change, our experienced team will successfully implement your updates. Synchronous ERP is sensitive to the fact that software changes are disruptive to the end user. ‘Honor what came’ is a philoshy that we abide eliminating any hardship typically associated with upgrades. The aim is to remain compatible with previous versions. After careful testing, we only implement the software on-site with small incremental changes.

End User Customization Will be Possible in the Cloud

The integration and size of the data base behind Synchronous ERP makes this software extremely robust. The rules-based design offers enormous flexibility and agility without any customization. The new platform however brings even more value to the marketplace. Sequoia will empower the end user, to customize their own code within the cloud. Noteworthy, the new platform will surpass competitors in the marketplace who are legacy and/or lack the breath in ERP software. There’s no need to compromise, after years of development and testing in the marketplace, this ERP software is ready for prime time.