Transform Planning and Operations

Synchronous is designed to manage both traditional and evolving manufacturing sites with demanding adjustments and schedule modifications. The system integrates job costing, shop floor control, quality control, warehouse management, EDI and online MRP.


For multiple sites & foreign currency

Projects Plus

Manages costs of projects, job costs and quality assurance


Hundreds of partners with no hard coding.


Encourage flexible and efficient business practices.


Trust the quality of your product.

What You Can Expect

Real time Master Schedule and MRP

Easy to use, spreadsheet-like interface instantly updates the master schedule in real time and displays information such as demand, on-hand inventory, planned production, machine capacity and inventory available to promise. No regeneration of MRP is required for manufactured items.

Load Balancing with Finite Capacity Planning

Effectively use all machines to maximize performance. When machines are at maximum capacity the system will cascade the load to any number of under-utilized machines.

Intuitive Production Planning

Track production and log the location and residency of any pallet in an unlimited number of areas such as freezers, QC, and warehouses. Production reporting is barcode driven to record movement in real time as well as generate all GL transactions.

Lot Controls

For recall purposes and lot traceability, many businesses require accurate tracking of lot and pallet information. By utilizing lot and pallet controls across all locations, companies can then accurately locate production lot numbers.

Yield and Trend Analysis

Bills of material are organized based on batch or recipe sizes. Update quantities and costs of inventory based on the actual yields for shop orders and validate production variances in material and labor costs.

Accurately Manage Distribution Costs

Monitor an unlimited number of distribution costs so analysis reflects the true costs of production and distribution including freight, co-op, rebates, or marketing costs. These updated costs are automatically reflected in your sales history and cost of goods sold.

Enter Orders in a Flash

The high-speed order entry facility provides a mechanism to enter orders from templates that outline customer specific pricing and discount policies in advance. The user only needs to enter the quantities of items required and is able to enter 50 – 100 lines in just a few seconds.

A Few of the Benefits

  • Planning, scheduling, forecasting and distribution management are fully integrated and managed in an interactive interface.
  • No need to hire extra staff for order entry: with templates and predefined rules, a single user can accomplish what a team normally can.
  • Inform clients with confidence when a product will be available to ship.
  • Manage demand, forecasts and distribution of finished goods for unlimited warehouses.
  • Save money by scheduling machine capacities effectively.
  • Rapid implementation phase saves money in training costs.
  • Track the movement of products through the enterprise in real time to minimize bottlenecks.
  • Generate shop orders for daily production with one keystroke.
  • Never let labor or material costs get out of control with full yield and trend analysis.