Meetings Can Be a Waste of Time

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If your business meetings reduce productivity, it’s time for a company wide revolution. For many, meetings can be a waste of time. (NPR, 02.16.2013)

The majority of meetings may be too long, unfocused and unnecessary. Consequently, any solution should help achieve your goals because time is a commodity.

Do you wonder about alternative ways to effectively communicate with team members?

If this is true, it’s time to organize and simplify your company’s communications. The New York Times suggest investing in technology to enhance communications to reduce the number of ineffective meetings. (NYTimes, 02.16.2013)

Synchronous, enhances corporate communications and collaboration.

  • Enhance communications and costing with activity-based costing.
  • Team members can share documents directly within the application.
  • Synchronous has its own internal document management program.
  • Personal and team monitors tracks and records all communications according to priority levels.
  • Receive communications outside work hours, you have control.
  • Communications are secure and private.
  • No need to email to ALL, one notice is enough for all to see.
  • Communicate with team members directly within Synchronous on any screen. ie. customer order clarifications

Technology based communications integrated with ERP will reduce the time spent in meetings.

It is possible to stay on track, inspire your team yet reduce the number and frequency of meetings. Synchronous gives you a technology solution to bring the right people and resources together.

For further information on the collaborative tools for self-organizing, refer to more than project management or empowering collaboration

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