It All Works Together

A Few of the Benefits

  • Planning, scheduling, forecasting and distribution management are fully integrated, streamlined and managed in a spreadsheet like metaphor.
  • Inform clients with confidence when product will be available to ship.
  • Manage demand, forecasts and distribution of finished goods for unlimited warehouses.
  • Save money when you schedule machine capacities effectively.
  • A short implementation phase saves you money in training costs.
  • Track the movement of products through the enterprise in real-time to minimize bottlenecks.
  • Generate shop orders for a day’s production with one keystroke.
  • Never let labor or material costs get out of control with full yield and trend analysis.

Remain Compatible with Upgrades

In our experience, every business is unique and may require additional programming to meet developing requirements. With Synchronous, it is possible to write custom code yet remain compatible with upgrades without a complete rewrite of the product.

Innovate and Respond As It Happens

Synchronous Manufacturing responds to sudden schedule changes in the marketplace with comprehensive, real-time scheduling and production planning. It presents the demand, on-hand inventory, planned production, machine capacity and available-to-promise information with no regeneration of MRP for manufactured items.

Empower People with an Integrated Collaborative Engine

Synchronous is different from most accounting and manufacturing packages because the software seamlessly integrates with a collaboration engine. From within a manufacturing screen keep up to date with communications, detailed reporting, document management, group scheduling, e-mail, time and billing, and contact functions.

Be Informed with Detailed Reporting

Be informed with automatic reports in the G/L for finished goods, raw materials, as well as labor, in real time. Production is tracked and scanned at the pallet level and the system updates inventory as production occurs. Full reporting, such as yield and trend analysis, are available in real-time, with labor and material costs monitored constantly.