Is Your Business at Risk for Cyber Crime?

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For many businesses, the risk of electronic theft or cyber crime is now greater than that of physical theft of cash or assets (1). The global cost of cyber crime is estimated to have reached $575 billion per year (2), which is approximately ten times greater than the economic impact of terrorism (3). ERP software manages valuable business information, and consequently data security should be a primary consideration.

Here are some recent examples of data breaches that highlight various vulnerabilities and demonstrate how Synchronous ERP protects its clients:


Servers are specialized computers that connect with other “client” computers through a network and to share data or computing resources. This blog, for example, is hosted on a web server that communicates with your client computer. Servers are constantly scanned for vulnerabilities by malicious software programs. If access is gained, these programs permit their authors to destroy or steal data stored on the server. Examples include the 2015 attack on British telecommunications company Talk Talk, which resulted in the theft of personal information belonging to more than 150,000 customers (4).

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