Customer support is better than ever with remote technology in the cloud!

Face time is valuable in business, but for technical support services it is quickly becoming obsolete. Modern remote support has largely supplanted the need for on site technical support. If done well, software users will gladly trade in-person interaction for immediate and effective remote help.

The ability to provide remote support reduces the importance of geographical proximity. At Synchronous ERP, we’ve provided remote support for decades across Canada and even internationally. Our clients are happy and we avoid spending time in airport terminals; remote support is a win-win solution.

Cloud computing makes remote technology better than ever. Support staff can shadow clients instantly in the cloud. No set up is required, the user only needs to request support and then permit remote access to their computer. Clients know that support is only a phone call away, and work with complete confidence.

Here are the three top benefits for providing remote support:

1. Efficiency
ERP software with remote support technology eliminates the need to for travel to the customer’s premises. The increased efficiency of remote support outweighs the benefits of being on site and putting in face time. The support staff can shadow the user to see exactly where in the software the perceived error or confusion occurs. By shadowing or controlling a user’s computer, the ERP support staff can see the same information as the user. Remote control also eliminates wait times for support. Support is received instantly when it is needed most.2. Cost effective
Whether close in proximity or far, travel is costly and inefficient. This cost may not be billed directly, but even unbilled costs must eventually be passed on to clients. Remote access is far more affordable. Remote support makes the world a much smaller place and eliminates geographical restraints.
Remote support also allows support staff to work from home if desired. Large, expensive head offices are no longer a prerequisite for software companies. The resulting cost savings to the ERP Vendor will increase their ability to be competitive. In turn, a competitive pricing model is more affordable to clients.

3. Client friendly
For years, phone support has been common practice for software companies. Without being able to see the same screens as the user, however, it is difficult to know exactly where they are struggling. With modern remote support, the user simply grants the support staff access to their computer with the click of a button. This is far less intrusive and more convenient for most clients than bringing support staff on site.

As your business grows, processes change and demand for technical support increases. The ability for users to easily connect to support staff helps them use the software more effectively and ensures that business process inefficiencies can be addressed promptly. As new features become available, users can be trained through online seminars or one-on-one consulting.

ERP software vendors are quickly adopting remote support rather than going on site. It is more flexible and clients receive support quickly and efficiently regardless of their location. Remote access to client computers allows clients and consultants to look at the same screen to instantly troubleshoot problems

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