Are You Ready for Cloud ERP?

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software is implemented. If you are still not familiar with the technology, the pressure going forth might even instill panic.

Today’s enterprise is still struggling with how the cloud will impact their organization.

In reality, the talk has yet to be fully adopted in practice by most companies, especially in the distributuion/manufacturing sector. Companies are still cautious about putting sensitive financial information on the cloud.

Synchronous has a unique take on cloud technology which allows organizations to have the best of both worlds. With Synchronous cloud technology you choose on premise, on the cloud or both. With this unbiased approach, many clients ask for our assistance in moving forward.

The cloud has its own strengths and weaknesses. There is no point adopting a ‘cloud solution’ without a proper assessment. Is your company suited for an ERP on the cloud? The assessment should address any physical or economic constraints of adopting the cloud.

Before you are ready for a fundamental change in technology you might overlook some obvious obstacles. Four considerations before you make the move:

  1. Does your location have a fast, and reliable internet connection? Even in this day and age, the internet can be a constraint. Older industrial parks, rural locations, and older buildings often have insufficient internet capabilities. Adverse weather conditions can also create internet interruptions. Cloud requires a sufficient, reliable internet connection.
  2. Is your organization centralized or spread out? Cloud is especially beneficial for companies operating in multiple locations all over the country, continent or even world. If your organization is centralized, cloud computing may not provide the benefits you initially expect.
  3. Have you already invested significant amounts of capital in hardware? One of the main benefits of moving to cloud is capital expense savings. If you invested large sums of capital into developing an internal network the benefit is significantly diminished.
  4. What investment in data management has already been made? On top of the capital costs, many organizations have invested heavily in data management processes. Moving from in house ERP to Cloud ERP and Cloud Data management can be a time and recourse intensive project.

These questions may seem obvious but are easily overlooked. Many organizations get swept up in the new trends before realizing the physical or economic constraints of adopting new technologies.

At Synchronous, we take away the risks because you have so many options. Synchronous ERP gives you options to choose your Cloud strategy.

Synchronous Cloud gives you complete control over your data. You can operate on premise or on Azure or Amazon cloud. As a service company, our staff will also help you with a highly managed Synchronous ERP solution. The choice is yours.

Whether it is being hosted on premise or on the Cloud (or any combination), Synchronous is designed to be extremely efficient and minimize internet data requirements.

Synchronous Own Cloud gives you extraordinary value for your money, speed, power and options to minimize any risk. Contact us.

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