Accounts Receivable

Streamline all aspects of your A/R with Synchronous from invoicing and cash receipts, to pricing, promotions, and commissions management.

Organize your customer service with complete visibility across all lines of your business, legal and reporting entities.

Collaborate and communicate in this completely integrated environment to foster superior levels of customer service by coordinating ever aspect of your workflow.

Global Connectivity

A Few of the Features

  • More than accounts receivables
  • Comprehensive Sales Analysis and Sales History
  • Cash and Credit Management
  • International Focus and Flexible Tax Structure
  • Quick Data Entry

More Than Accounts Receivables

  • Manage customers centrally for all legal entities.
  • Organize client A/R by distribution center, ship-to or head office.
  • Full currency gain/loss visibility. Flexible tax codes and term controls.
  • Integrated promotions, broker commissions and funds management.
  • Fully integrated Heuristic EDI.
  • Cash receipt oriented account reconciliation for charge backs and debit/credit memos.
  • Extended billing options for service invoice processing, work-group billings, finance charges, cash statements, and commissions.
  • Comprehensive sales reporting and commissions structure.
  • Process invoices for telephone calls to customers tagged as billable.
  • Information at your fingertips with easy drill downs to access information fast.
  • Flexible payments can be defined for each customer.
  • Numerous advantageous options for billings.
  • Database is rich with information valuable for setting up queries and reports about customers, sales and services.
  • Be responsive to customer needs with access to all communications regarding orders and payments.
  • DDE links let you automate your customer communications.

Comprehensive Sales Analysis and Sales History

  • Ability to maintain unlimited years of sales analysis and history.
  • Flexible commission structure and reporting for sales people.
  • Several sales reports including: sales by customer number, sales by customer type, sales by sales volume, sales by salesman, sales by province and sales by territory.

Cash and Credit Management

  • Schedule payment terms with multiple discount and due dates.
  • Define due dates for invoices by pre-defined number of days or specific days of the month.
  • Service invoices can be generated for foreign currency customers.
  • Effectively monitor accounts receivable and incoming cash projections.

International Focus and Flexible Tax Structure

  • Additional spaces and lines available for international address and phone numbers.
  • Supports unlimited currencies.
  • Unlimited ship-to locations per customer with unique taxes per ship-to.
  • Additional flexibility to accommodate international tax requirements.

Quick Data Entry

  • Only enter data once, all other fields will be updated automatically, including contact records, project management or manufacturing information. View accounting distributions online for all transactions.
  • Automatic validation of entered data.