Synchronous OWN Cloud

Orchestrated Wide-Area Network

Orchestrated Wide-Area Network


The Synchronous OWN Cloud orchestrates replication, backups and load balancing of Synchronous on-premises and in the Cloud

Both On-Premise and In The Cloud


OWN your data with Synchronous replication. Seconds old data in your possession at all times ensures business continuity, fault tolerance and peace of mind.

Geo-Redundant Replication


Synchronous Geo-replication mirrors your servers every 30 seconds and backs up your data hourly in multiple regions.

The Synchronous OWN Cloud: Our Orchestrated Wide-Area Network

This managed cloud solution replicates, balances load and makes backups behind the scenes. The entire process is automated so that you never have to worry about backups again. You can use Synchronous OWN Cloud alone or in conjunction with Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Box, or Microsoft Azure. Our cloud securely distributes your data across multiple physical locations, providing an effective strategy for protecting business continuity.

Orchestrated Wide-Area Network

Own Your Data with Synchronous Replication

Replication of the Synchronous Virtual Machine(VM) between our cloud server and your existing in-house server is managed automatically and concurrently. The live Synchronous application is replicated in near real time with no perceptible impact on server performance.

Regardless of whether Synchronous OWN cloud runs on-premise or in the cloud, the product is the same. With replication the whole product migrates from the cloud in a hosted system to your own server and/or alternative locations and back again.

This gives you total control and keeps your data at your fingertips at all times.

Be Up and Running In Minutes

All businesses should safeguard valuable and rapidly changing data. Should disaster strike, your business can be up in running in minutes. Synchronous OWN cloud gives you continuous protection and instant recovery to a current backup. Your live database is copied from the cloud to your on-site VM continuously throughout the day.

Our unique, proprietary tools synchronize the migration of data from the cloud to in-house servers by moving only the blocks of data that actually changed. This business continuity strategy allows your organization to carry on with mission critical operations in the event of external failures.

Synchronous In-Memory Computing Architecture

The OWN Cloud implementation by Synchronous is based on an in-memory computing model where applications and databases reside in shared memory on a single server. This approach completely eliminates all performance constraints associated with sharing data with applications across various physical or virtual networks.