Warehouse and Distribution

Synchronous is fully integrated with comprehensive warehousing, supply chain management and supply chain execution.

Total Warehouse Solution

  • Complements and integrates with brokerage, manufacturing and accounting.
  • Fully EDI compliant (including the generation of ASN labels)
  • Graphical representation of warehouse and physical placement of goods
  • Consistent user interface promotes quick learning and ease of use

Addresses Requirements for Brokers and Third Party Warehousing

  • Customer-owned and buy/sell inventory
  • Full bin control, lot tracking and FIFO code date management
  • Comprehensive order consolidation features

Flexible and Efficient

  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Offers a diverse range of rules for recurring, handling and ancillary charges
  • Automate the order entry process by using EDI
  • Intelligent picking logic ships the oldest product first while satisfying customer-specific request dates

Fully Web-enabled

  • Allow warehouse clients to securely access shipment history, pending shipments and stock status online
  • Automatically notify your principals of shipments via EDI with AS2 support, email and fax
  • Allow remote warehouses to use the system with secured internet access
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