Leadership Key To Successful ERP

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Top management support is critical to successful ERP implementations.

Management’s lack of support is often cited in botched implementations. It is indeed surprising that management would risk failure. Instead, we encourage upper management be involved in the ERP implementation, from the beginning, whole heartedly.

We propose that users as well as upper management become familiar with the software. If you are not comfortable with the complexity of ERP systems, training helps. Training turns managers into power users. It’s all about leadership.

When evaluating ERPs consider:

  • Does the ERP system strengthen the company’s competitive position?
  • How does the ERP affect the organizational structure and culture?
  • What is the scope of the ERP implementation?

It is a mistake to assume your technology department is ideally suited for the task. Their input regarding technology is valuable but top management understands the business implications. ERP implementations is about people, not just processes or technology.

In summary, we would encourage senior executives to do more than fund projects. Top management should take an active role in leading change. A review of successful ERP implementations in the literature shows that this is the key to a smooth rollout

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