Financial Management

Never Outgrow Your Accounting Software

Whether your business is opening a second location or undergoing acquisitions and mergers, Synchronous can help manage growth.

Multiple year-ends can be partitioned, allowing financial data from separate operations to be consolidated within the same GL.

Manage Growth and Complexity

  • Financials for numerous legal entities
  • Multiple companies with multiple year ends
  • Multi-currency for sales, purchasing and project management
  • Landed costs at multiple levels
Financials for Multiple Legal Entities

Financials for Multiple Legal Entities

Synchronous supports enterprise-wide accounting with an unlimited number of legal entities, even with different year ends.

A query engine filters GL transactions online to access transactions detailed by date, vendor, customer, item, module, transaction type and user. Drill downs zoom in on source documents for all legal entities including purchase orders, customer invoices, projects, activities, and inventory transactions.

An integrated system provides access to data from any location and makes administration of multiple sites stress free. Acquisitions and mergers are neatly integrated into an administrative database .


As our economy become more global in nature the need for full foreign currency support in accounting and business software becomes essential.

The opportunities inherent in expanding relationships with customers and vendors internationally can only be realized if your systems effectively monitor and adjust for exchange, brokerage, duty, and freight, as well as communications costs.

Throughout the procurement, distribution and marketing cycles the costs and opportunities of dealing with the larger global market must be properly recognized in the record keeping of all business processes.

The Currency Manager provides complete multi-currency accountability for sales, purchasing and project management. Organizations dealing in international markets now have complete visibility and control over business transactions and can conduct operations in any currency.

Currency Management

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