Fanatical Security

Would you trust anything less?

Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

The movement toward cloud computing has been fraught with concerns about the privacy, security, and integrity of data. At Synchronous ERP, we take every possible measure to protect your company’s information.

Multiple Levels of Security

Like a medieval fortress ringed by walls and moats, we protect your data with multiple levels of security. Your data is secured at all times, whether it’s in use, in transit or at rest.

Our servers are located in a secure, constantly staffed, SSAE 16 certified data center, where only authorized personnel can access them.

Remote access to these servers by Synchronous staff requires additional authentication in the form of a physical smart card. The files stored within these servers are locked with 3 levels of encryption.

Databases are further compartmentalized by role and individually encrypted so that even authorized users can access only relevant and appropriate information.

Cloud Security

Enterprise Class Business Continuity

Perpetual Near-Real Time Business Continuity Included

The Synchronous virtual environment is replicated every 30 seconds to our geo-redundant data centers. This core fault tolerance is included as an integral layer for all our clients implementations.

In the event of an infrastructure or equipment failure the Synchronous environment can be brought on-line at one of our redundant regional data centers in less than 15 minutes. Once launched this then becomes your primary Synchronous instance allowing you to fully manage operations and move forward with minimal disruption.

Nightly Replication

Every night a copy of the data volumes is replicated to either Amazon or Microsoft Azure where standby Synchronous environments are ready to be launched within a few minutes. This option provides both scalability and redundancy. When coupled with hourly backups, this ensures that no more than one hour of data can be lost.

On Demand Replication

This option allows for replication to another server at our data center, at Azure, Amazon or an onsite server whenever appropriate. Aside from the redundancy, this also provides additional options for testing implementation strategies or providing current copies of data for testing and training purposes.

4 Kinds of Backups:

[Hourly-Data] application consistent VSS backups of the data are created from 7AM to 6PM

[Hourly-Documents] are hourly incremental backups created from 7:15 AM to 6:15PM that contain any documents added in the last hour.

[Nightly-VM] Backups of the entire virtual machine (VM) to another server in our datacenter that includes up to 31 days of [Hourly-Data] and [Hourly-Documents] backups.

[Nightly-Data-Volumes] are VSS backups of the data volumes (VHD’s) and include [Hourly-Data] and [Hourly-Documents] backups.

Retention Policies

[Hourly-Data] up to 31 days

[Hourly-Documents] up to 31 days

[Nightly-Data-Volumes] up to 31 days, with unlimited retention at a site of your choosing (e.g. your servers via FTP or in the cloud at Azure, Google Cloud Services, Microsoft Onedrive for Business, Amazon S3, Box etc.)

Redundant Backup Locations

[Hourly-Data] + [Hourly-Documents] hourly on the server, in the data center on another server, on Azure, on GCS and optionally to your server via FTP.

[Nightly-VM] nightly in the data center on another server, on Azure, on GCS, optionally to your server via FTP.

[Nightly-Data-Volumes] nightly in the data center on another server, on Azure, on GCS.