Heuristic EDI

EDI That Automatically Works For You 24/7

The Synchronous EDI engine is a heuristic learning algorithm that was developed to make your EDI communications simpler and more efficient. HEDI (Heuristic EDI) employs artificial intelligence and a self-learning algorithm to build data structures that can accommodate any EDI document or standard in seconds. The software continuously automates your communications with vendors, suppliers and customers, without the need for intervention. Avoid missed orders, duplicated data entries, and expensive third-party products.  HEDI is included with Synchronous ERP as one complete product for a reliable and robust ERP/EDI solution.

Cost Effective Results

Cost Effective Results

Synchronous ERP includes Heuristic EDI to reduce any additional third party costs. One price gives you access to the entire ERP/EDI system. This automated supply chain solution provides an outstanding yet rapid ROI. Reduce costs and increase efficiency with huge savings in additional software expenses, labor, paperwork, error-related expenses and VAN related charges.  By working with a single, cohesive system, you can accomplish complete integration with an ERP package you’ll never outgrow.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

From initial development, the Heuristic EDI engine was incorporated within the Synchronous ERP package, to ensure seamless integration across all business processes.  Throughout the entire suite, electronic communications with your suppliers and customers are completely visible and interactive. Electronically send purchase orders, receive invoice documents and ASNs directly from your ERP system, with no delays or interruptions.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Heuristic EDI gives Synchronous clients a competitive lead in the marketplace. No matter the size of your company,  you will have the capacity to coordinate and do business with the most sophisticated trading partners.  Establish relationships with hundreds of companies like Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Loblaws.  Since inception, our track record of easy EDI implementation and maintenance has allowed our clients to successfully establish new relationships with ease.

Establish Trading Partner Relationships in Seconds

Just read your raw EDI data into it and HEDI will validate it against standards, learn its meaning and build whatever databases are necessary to link to your application.


Similarly, give HEDI an example of what a particular trading partner is looking for and it will build the required profile to generate EDI for that partner instantly.


Populate the programmer friendly databases with the appropriate details from your applications and HEDI will output the same information formatted for any EDI standard for even the fussiest trading partner with no additional programming or mapping whatsoever.

Incorporate all North American EDI Standards

HEDI accomplishes this by utilizing a knowledge base which incorporates all North American EDI standards for all existing document types.


This includes all UCS, VICS and X12 Standards from 2040 to 4030.

Proven Scalable Technology

Get Up and Running in Seconds

Build the requisite data structures to accommodate any EDI document or standard in a matter of seconds.

Gain Better Visibility

Heuristic EDI allows you to electronically send purchase orders and receive invoice documents and ASNs.  With seamless ERP integration, reduce expenses associated with labor, paperwork and error related costs. 

Reduce VAN and Third Party Upcharges

No need to enlist third party vendors for EDI or AS2, the software is included in the price. AS2 support makes it possible to communicate directly with the vendor.

Expect Extaordinary Performance

HEDI easily handles any volume of transactions placed upon it and can transfer large amounts of data in minutes.

Achieve Complete Validation and Logging

Validate all transactions automatically for incomplete transmissions or compliance errors based on your company’s business rules.

Operate 24/7/365 with Extensive Automation

The Synchronous heuristic engine works continuously while reporting any discrepancies it encounters in price, schedules etc.  Since this product is integrated with your ERP, it also tracks all information relating to contracts.


This agile solution integrates best in class communications components such as Drummond Certified AS2, AS3, SFTP and FTPS natively.  The entire process is also safe and reliable with encryption and certifications at every level.

At Synchronous, we developed a new approach to integrating EDI functionality with business applications. Until now, developers wanting to add EDI capability to their applications were caught in an endless loop of tedious custom programming and arcane integration with proprietary third-party mapping and translation software.

As EDI becomes an integral part of your business, you can trust orders will ship accurately and on time. It will improve supply chain operations, increase customer satisfaction, enhance business partnerships and decrease overall inventory costs.