The Dreamliner Boeing 787

The carbon fiber in these new aircrafts was manufactured with Synchronous ERP Software

Synchronous & Boeing

If you haven’t already flown on a Boeing Dreamliner, chances are you will soon. This high-tech aircraft pioneered the use of composite materials in commercial aerospace and is the most fuel-efficient jet that Boeing has ever built. When Toray Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of carbon fiber, was awarded a $6 billion contract to provide carbon fiber for the Dreamliner, they turned to Synchronous ERP to manage their operations in Seattle.

Synchronous & Boeing

The company is a leading innovator and supplier of carbon fiber materials. With over 400 employees, the prepreg production facility operates 24/7.

Synchronous Software was able to provide accounting, distribution and manufacturing solutions for the production of carbon fiber. TCA is the sole supplier of the primary structure for the Boeing 787.

Synchronous & Boeing

Whether your business involves roasting coffee or baking carbon fiber, Synchronous ERP’s ability to acquire, organize and analyze data will give you control over every aspect of your operations.

Toray Composites (America), Inc., is a leading producer of high quality advanced composite prepreg materials serving the needs of the recreational, aircraft and industrial markets.

Synchronous & Boeing

Synchronous ERP’s technology was embedded in every thread of carbon fiber that makes up a Dreamliner. Data representing the details of accounting, supply chain and production are integrated neatly in our ERP system without any need for workarounds in external software packages. We consulted with Toray Industries and customized our system to meet their needs for exacting quality control. Synchronous ERP tracks all information relating to operations on the factory floor, precisely recording the timing of each step in production and monitoring sensitive variables such as the temperature of ovens and refrigerators.

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